Jun. 08, 2023

Attention, fellow Pennsylvanians! There is a treacherous voting scheme creeping in, aiming to steal your voice and render your vote irrelevant. It is called Ranked-Choice Voting (RCV), and it is the brainchild of the progressive Left. Do not be fooled by their false promises of fairness and choice. RCV is a recipe for disaster that must be unequivocally rejected if we want our votes to truly count.

In the good old days, our votes mattered. We cast our support for a candidate, and they had our unwavering backing. But RCV flips the script, turning our simple and straightforward process into a twisted maze. Instead of choosing one candidate, we are now compelled to rank them all. And if no one secures a majority in the first round, get ready for an interminable circus of runoff rounds until a so-called winner emerges. It is like a political game of musical chairs, except this time, the music stops, and we are left with a candidate we did not even want!

But that is not where the insanity ends, my friends. RCV has already infected states like Maine and Alaska, as well as cities across the nation, including liberal strongholds like New York, San Francisco and Cambridge, MA. The Left is aggressively pushing this radical agenda, and unless we take a resolute stance, Pennsylvania could be the next victim.

Let us delve into the perils of RCV. Your vote, that precious voice you raise to be heard, could be nonchalantly tossed aside through a cunning mechanism known as “ballot exhaustion.” Imagine this – you make a minor mistake or have the audacity to support candidates who are no longer in the race, and poof! Your vote ends up in the trash bin, discarded like yesterday’s news. Can you fathom it? Your voice silenced; your vote discarded. That is not democracy; that is an abomination!

And let us not forget the deliberate confusion and complexity RCV thrusts upon us. They expect us to rank candidates we barely know, to make decisions without the necessary facts. It’s like throwing darts blindfolded, hoping we hit the bullseye. How can we place our trust in a system that coerces us to vote for individuals we disapprove of or about whom we lack essential information? RCV is a slap in the face to voter confidence.

But the chaos unleashed by RCV does not stop there. Brace yourselves for prolonged result delays and heightened irregularities. The RCV process drags on, leaving us in limbo for days, even weeks, as we anxiously wait to know who our chosen representatives will be. It is an interminable cliffhanger that jeopardizes our democracy. Is this the future we desire for Pennsylvania? Absolutely not!

Fellow Pennsylvanians, the time has come to rise and defend our democracy. We cannot allow RCV to strip us of our voices and manipulate our elections. As a proud member of the Pennsylvania State Freedom Caucus, I invite you to join me and call upon other state lawmakers to step up to the plate and slam shut the door on RCV throughout Pennsylvania. We must safeguard the sanctity of our elections, ensuring that every single vote counts, and that the will of the people prevails.

To make your voice heard, please contact me at rleadbeter@pahousegop.com, so together, we can let the sponsors of this radical legislation know you vehemently oppose Ranked-Choice Voting and urge them to reconsider their stance.

Do not allow your vote to be discarded like yesterday’s trash. Stand tall and resolutely reject Ranked-Choice Voting in Pennsylvania! Together, we can protect our democracy, preserve the integrity of our elections, and ensure that the voice of every Pennsylvanian resonates loud and clear.

Representative Robert Leadbeter
109th Legislative District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives

Media Contact: Jacob Misal