Stand Up for Your Vote! Reject Ranked-Choice Voting in Pennsylvania!

Jun. 08, 2023 /

There is a treacherous voting scheme creeping in, aiming to steal your voice and render your vote irrelevant. It is called Ranked-Choice Voting (RCV), and it is the brainchild of the progressive Left. Do not be fooled by their false promises of fairness and choice. RCV is a recipe for disaster that must be unequivocally rejected if we want our votes to truly count.

Leadbeter Announces $118,900 Grant for Bloomsburg Boat Launch Facility

Apr. 27, 2023 /

BLOOMSBURG – Rep. Robert Leadbeter (R-Columbia) announced today that the Town of Bloomsburg will receive a $118,900 grant for the design and construction of a new boat launch facility on its property at the confluence of Fishing Creek and the Susquehanna River in Columbia County. The project would include a new motorized and nonmotorized launch ramp, paved parking, and an access road and path.

Leadbeter on Panel at Farm Bureau Luncheon

Apr. 06, 2023 /

HARRISBURG- Rep. Robert Leadbeter (R-Columbia) recently joined a panel of state legislators at the annual Farm Bureau Luncheon to discuss issues facing the agriculture industry in Pennsylvania.

Leadbeter Attends Agriculture Awareness Day at Rohrbach’s Farmers Market

Apr. 06, 2023 /

CATAWISSA TOWNSHIP – Rep. Robert Leadbeter (R-Columbia) recently attended an Agriculture Awareness Day celebration at Rohrbach’s Farmers Market. Over 500 people attended the event, including over 130 representatives from local schools, farms, businesses and nonprofits to raise awareness for local agriculture and agribusinesses. Leadbeter and other attendees helped to support local businesses, vendors and charities at the event. Over 210 pounds of non-perishable foods were collected and donated to the Bloomsburg Food Pantry.

Bloomsburg Area YMCA Receives $250,000 Grant, Leadbeter Says

Mar. 09, 2023 /

BLOOMSBURG –The Bloomsburg Area YMCA (BAY) will be able to expand its childcare program and begin renovations at its 7th Street building thanks to a state grant secured by former State Rep. Dave Millard. The $250,000 grant was announced by Rep. Robert Leadbeter, who replaced Millard in the state House.

Fire Companies, Volunteer Ambulance Services to Receive State Grants, Says Leadbeter

Feb. 06, 2023 /

Fire Companies, Volunteer Ambulance Services to Receive State Grants, Says Leadbeter

HARRISBURG – Rep. Robert Leadbeter (R-Columbia) announced today that 17 Columbia County fire, ambulance and rescue squads will receive about $214,000 in state grants through the 2022-23 Fire Company and Emergency Medical Service Grant Program. The grants are the local share of more than $31 million being awarded statewide.

Leadbeter Takes Oath to Represent 109th District in PA House

Jan. 04, 2023 /

Leadbeter Takes Oath to Represent 109th District in PA House

HARRISBURG – At the state Capitol Tuesday, Rep. Robert Leadbeter (R-Columbia) took the oath of office to serve the citizens of the 109th Legislative District in the 2023-24 Legislative Session. Leadbeter fills the seat vacated by Rep. David Millard, who retired after serving the district for 18 years.